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We have been in the business of manufacturing bags for the past 15 years, serving various businesses and institutions, both big and small. We have ongoing partnerships with several corporates and some of the world’s leading brands in the industry.


Our in-house design team can create customised collections featuring the latest trends, and incorporate them into your existing brand offerings and marketing strategies for your product.


Our manufacturing process includes producing the material for the bags in state-of-the-art factories and using the latest manufacturing techniques and high quality raw materials. Strict quality checks are conducted to ensure quality standards are maintained and every specification from our clients are met.


Our Mumbai based manufacturing facility is fully compliant to labor and safety standards and we currently have a 30,000 unit per month output capacity.


Contact us to find out more. We are eager to understand more about your requirements and look forward to developing a mutually beneficial business partnership.


Helpdesk: [email protected]